Internal Storage for Tablets / Capsules

Special Plastic Hi-Tech Container

  • The containers are stackable and can be stacked upon one another
  • The containers can be locked by putting two aluminium rods. The containers can be kept on a trolley and can be moved anywhere in the plant.
  • Convenient for usage in the packaging department.
  • At any stage of the operation the container can be stacked in storage or cold room for later use when required
  • These containers are provided with built-in grip which helps in easy handling.
  • These Hi-Tech containers have strong body and are light in weight, hence are easy to handle.
  • There is a space provision to affix label for easy identification.
  • The containers can be supplied in any specific colour as per customer’s requirements
  • Top lid can also be supplied in any colour which helps you identify the products as you have various types of tablets in your plant
  • The tablet/ soft gel container is a multipurpose container which can be put to good use in all sections of the tablet/ soft gel division.
  • The containers are of standard size and are quite suitable for the trolley which is being used to move the boxes from place to place.


No. Model Internal Dimensions (mm) L x W x H
1 15 K 280 x 280 x 340
2 20 K 525 x 420 x 175
3 30 K 440 x 440 x 315
4 78 L 510 x 510 x 295
5 72 L 565 x 370 x 300
6 48 L 355 x 355 x 425
7 55 L 450 x 450 x 300

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